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FIT Newsletter March 2016 – Top tips to motivate yourself to hit the FIT class

As we move into spring and summer with lighter evenings and warmer weather it’s a great time to be working out in Chorlton Park, doing FIT outdoor fitness classes to help you stay fit and healthy. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated to come down to the class as regularly as possible.

Don’t break the habit in the first place
Sounds obvious but if you can make exercise part of your routine then you will be much more likely to stay in the habit. The longer you leave it between sessions the harder it becomes to get back into the routine.
Plan your diary like it’s a work meeting
You wouldn’t miss a big meeting at work so why should your FIT class be any different. Put the time in your diary so other things don’t get in the way and give yourself some time back to keep fit and healthy.
Tell everyone
Let everyone know you are going to the FIT session. This will help you follow through on your actions. After all, you wouldn’t want to be thinking up excuses the next day on your way to work after making such a big deal about it the night before.
Get ready
Sometimes the hardest thing about the class is getting there in the first place, give yourself a fighting chance by getting ready as soon as possible so there is no excuse. Get changed before you leave the office, as soon as you get home, or put your gear out the night before.
Set some training goals
It’s amazing how setting some realistic goals can give you the motivation to get down to class. Try some short term plans to begin with, in a month I want to be able to….. With a little and often approach you can measure progress and set new goals frequently when existing ones are achieved.
Use peer pressure to your advantage
Buddy up with one of the other class members and commit to each other that you will make it to class. Nothing like a bit of peer pressure to keep your attendance levels high.
 Positive reinforcement
Treat yourself after your park workout to build a nice work reward loop. If you want that treat then set yourself a challenge to get some work done first. You’ll enjoy it all the more post workout knowing you have earned it. Our brunch gang know all about this when we head down to Font Bar once a month for breakfast on a Saturday morning after class.
Visualise yourself at the end of a workout
If you are struggling to motivate yourself try and imagine how you felt after a park session that you really enjoyed. Now put your kit on and get out into the outdoors. I doubt you will ever regret completing a class but you might regret not coming along.
Treat yourself to some new gym gear
I always look forward to my next workout if I have some nice new gym gear to wear, it’s not a fashion contest down at the park and you don’t have to spend a fortune but if it helps you get off the sofa then it’s worth a try.
Look after yourself the rest of the time
Maximise your results by taking care of yourself the rest of the time. You will get the most benefit from regular exercise by supporting with healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep and going easy on the alcohol. And if you smoke, don’t, it’s that simple.

FIT Newsletter January 2016 – 10 benefits of outdoor training with FIT

FIT Newsletter January 2016
Welcome to the first FIT newsletter. January seems as good a time as any to start our monthly updates. For the first edition we thought we would spend some time highlighting the benefits of training outdoors in Chorlton Park with the FIT training program. Some of the benefits below will be obvious to you but others maybe less so, all are good reason to get yourselves outdoors.


The 10 benefits of outdoor training with FIT

Too hot, too cold, just right
The very nature of training outdoors will help you to burn more calories, if cold, your body works harder to warm up and when hot it will have to work harder to cool down. Before you even do the warm up your body is already adapting to its environment and burning those calories nicely.
Fresh Air
Nothing better than taking a nice lung full of fresh air. Outdoors there is an unlimited supply of oxygen that will help you work harder for longer and reduce the build up of lactic acid.
Increase your serotonin
Now we are not doctors but there are studies that suggest that training outdoors can boost your serotonin levels. Serotonin helps regulate moods and can improve sleep. So you can go from furious activity at class to a state of perfect Zen when you get home, nice.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps regulate the immune and neuromuscular systems. Sunlight on the skin is a key component to the production of the vitamin so whilst you are giving yourself a good workout you are also getting the silent benefits of better vitamin D production. Multi-tasking at its very best. In winter we try to organise the sun for Saturday mornings but he doesn’t always turn up for us.
Expect the unexpected
Varying the exercises, repetition schemes, timings and rest periods during the classes helps avoid the body developing too much efficiency for one particular type of exercise. The constant challenge encourages the body to use more energy and develop all round physical fitness, strength and endurance.
I can’t do that, no wait…
The numbers of times we have seen someone approach a new movement with hesitation and doubt. 15 minutes later they are smashing out the reps with good form like a pro with a big smile on their face. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to perfect the moves but the progress and development is great to watch.
People make the difference
It’s the people that make FIT such good fun. One thing we love about FIT is the support and encouragement that everyone gives each other. Whilst there is a healthy competition in some of the workouts there is always an underlying team spirit for all to develop and progress their abilities. Working out as part of a group helps you to push harder through the workout and maximize those results.
Teamwork makes the dream work
Surprising how well the team classes’ work. Often with little discussion or planning everyone gets on with the workout and everything just happens to plan. Effective teamwork is a really powerful business tool to get the job done; at FIT we do it all the time without even thinking about it.
Bragging rights
Doesn’t it feel good when you get to work in the morning and someone asks ‘what did you get up to last night’? I take great pleasure in explaining what a prowler is or how satisfying it is to hit a tractor tyre with a sledgehammer in the pouring rain.
Any regrets?
I don’t know about you but we have never regretted attending a FIT class, in fact we have kicked ourselves sometimes for not going along to train. Getting to the end of a park session provides a certain level of satisfaction that you have achieved something and pushed yourself in ways that you wouldn’t normally in a traditional gym environment. Be proud of your achievements as there are a lot of people out there who are not pushing themselves as hard as you are.